Help us end potato late blight

Help us end potato late blight

Thanks to ground-breaking work by the Evanston-based 2Blades Foundation, you can help reduce hunger in Africa.

Working with the International Potato Center in Kenya, 2Blades is supporting a new potato variety that is fully resistant to the late blight disease that has plagued farmers for generations – and triggered the Great Irish Potato Famine.

Your support will help put these potatoes in the hands of African farmers like Bone-Konsire, so they can produce more food, more quickly, and on less land.

Join our Global Action Team so we can make Potato Blight and other plant pandemics in the developing world a thing of the past.

As one of our network of thousands of supporters across the globe, you’ll receive newsletters, attend virtual events, and learn how you can help build food security for millions of people in the developing world.

join us today and help us make potato late blight history.

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